Stretchy Fleece Tuggers for Your Dogs to Sink Their Teeth Into

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Many breeds LOVE Tuggitz! – not just whippets.  Below are a few other breeds enjoying their Tuggitz!
If you would like your dogs featured on this page please
email me your photos and I’ll add them 🙂

Tilly the lurcher loved her Tuggitz! so much that her mum bought one for her friend Beryl

Dobies (and a Whippet) & their Original Tuggitz! Large

Golden Retriever puppies with Baby Tuggitz! and Tuggitz! Donutz

Staffies & Original Tuggitz! Large

English Toy Terriers with their Baby Tuggitz!

Whippet Puppy with Original Tuggitz! Large

Even Kittiez love Tuggitz! :mrgreen:

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