Stretchy Fleece Tuggers for Your Dogs to Sink Their Teeth Into



Tuggitz! originally came in two sizes (Large/Small) and shapes (Round/Square). Over time I have developed additional sizes and designs in response to requests. Now, in addition to the Original Tuggitz! sizes of Large and Small, I also make ‘Baby Tuggitz!’ which are suitable for young baby puppies and Toy breeds. I also have what we are calling ‘Odd Size Tuggitz!’. Colours, size and availability will vary in the ‘Odd’ size, but they will always be larger than the Baby Tuggitz! and smaller than the Original Tuggitz! Small. And finally I would like to introduce the newest product in the range:

Tuggitz! Donutz – a ring made from the length of Large Tuggitz! and thickness of Baby Tuggitz!

All Tuggitz! are made with high quality Polar Fleece – the same type of fleece as blankets, coats etc are made from. I do have a large range of colours, but colours may vary slightly from the sample photos. If you have a preference let me know and I’ll try to make as close as possible to what you’re after from what I have in stock. You can choose up to a maximum of 4 colours per Tuggitz!

Tuggitz! come in square or round styles, in different lengths and thickness
(all sizes are approximate)

Original Tuggitz! Large
15 – 17 inches long x 1.5 – 2 inches thick

Original Tuggitz! Small
7-8 inches long x 1.5 – 2 inches thick

Baby Tuggitz!
4-5 inches long x 1 inch thick

Odd Size Tuggitz!
4-6 inches long x variable thickness
Size, colour & availablility varies. These will be longer and/or thicker than
Baby Tuggitz! but not as long/thick as Original Tuggitz! Small

Tuggitz! Donutz
A ring made from the length of Large Tuggitz! and thickness of Baby Tuggitz!
**Please note due to these being half the thickness of the Original Tuggitz! they are not as suitable for heavy chewers or rough players. These would be better for smaller dogs/puppies, or larger dogs who play more gently and/or prefer to ‘fetch’ rather than tug.


Available Colours:
Please note that the colours may vary slightly from the sample photos.

Plain Colours

lemon yellow

sunflower yellow

hi-viz yellow


baby blue


royal blue

navy blue

baby pink

lipstick pink

dark cerise pink

hi-viz pink



pastel lilac


bright lime green

deep teal
(no photo available)
*Limited Stock.




We do have a small selection of printed fleece in stock in addition to the ones shown below. We only get them in small amounts and they change often so we don’t tend to put samples on the site. If you are looking for a print please let us know what kind of colours you prefer and we can let you know if we have something suitable in stock. Many prints are a slightly lighter weight than the solid colours so are more suitable to the small size Tuggitz! rather than the large. We will advise of this when you order.

(please note that most prints tend to come out looking like a ‘tyedye’ pattern due to the way they are woven)

rainbow wave (not currently available)
hearts & flowers

dark jigsaw (small Tuggitz! only)

pastel jigsaw (small Tuggitz! only)

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