Stretchy Fleece Tuggers for Your Dogs to Sink Their Teeth Into


Tuggitz! originated in 2009 as a toy I made for my whippets who love to play tug.  Several other whippet people were interested and purchased them for their whippets, then they recommended them to their friends in other breeds, and so Tuggitz! Dog Toyz began.

Tuggitz! are all handmade by me.  They’ve been given two paws up, not only from my own girlies, but also from online forum members and 4-legged friends around the globe!!  Even dogs known to chew and destroy toys don’t tend to try destroy these in most cases (or at least not as fast as other toys).  They’re very hard wearing and have been ‘field tested’ by Whippets (of course!), Labs, Terriers, Dachshunds, Boxers, Dobies, Rotties, Setters, Afghans, Spaniels and many other breeds – all giving it their best. They are thicker than braided/plaited fleece tug toys, and are naturally stretchy.  There are no squeakers to drive owners crazy, and no stuffing for the dogs to pull out and spread round the house.  They are very hard wearing and easily washable.

Over time and with hard playing they will stretch out of shape, though the dogs still seem to love them even when they’re very long.  Often a quick spin through the washing machine on a hot wash will help them to get back into shape.  I have had many testimonials from people with dogs who routinely destroy their toys and chew through their blankets to say they have been pleasantly surprised to find their dogs haven’t chewed through these.  We’re not sure why – perhaps it’s the lack of squeaker and stuffing.  One owner (who is a return customer) has told us that ‘while they’re not totally indestructible, they last longer than any toy we’ve ever bought for our dog.’.

All Tuggitz! are made with high quality Polar Fleece – the same type of fleece as blankets, coats etc are made from. I do have a large range of colours, but colours may vary slightly from the sample photos. If you have a preference let me know and I’ll try to make as close as possible to what you’re after from what I have in stock. You can choose up to a maximum of 4 colours.

We are located in Dorset and we do have a trade stand we can bring to Companion Shows, Breed Club Shows, General Open Shows or Agility Shows within a couple hours’ travel, so please feel free to get in touch if you are having a show, or know of a show, you think we might be interested in attending.

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