Our Dogs

Chelsea 8th Nov 1997 - 14th Sept 2012 :mrgreen: Other Names: Bear, Chelsea Bear, Gator Dog Savannah (Aphrael Aoife of Chelynnah) DOB:  28th Nov 2000 😎 Other Names: Savvy, THE QUEEN, Buppy, Shark-a-Dog
Telyn (Aphrael Caoilinn of Chelynnah) DOB:  12th June 2004 😈 Other Names: Teya, Teyarist, Bunny, Croc-a-Dog Drama (Chelynnah Secret Storm) DOB:  24th October 2007 😆 Other Names: Drama-Rama, Smush-a-Boo, Piranah Dog
Kendra (Chelynnah Go To Extremes) DOB:  7th Sept 2011 Ha Ha Other Names: KK, KeeKee, Kachunk  Emmy (Chelynnah Uptown Girl) DOB:  7th Sept 2011 Innocent Other Names: Emmy-Ems, Nummy, Nummy-Nums

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