Visiting the Chelynnah’s (Brenny’s Diary)

© Wendy Jones, June 2006

Dear Diary Day 1

Well I'm at Auntie Wendy's again with Chelsea, Teya and Savvy.  We had fun running round the garden, but Teya seems to have found some kind of 'time warp' that I don't understand.  She runs into this tree and then just appears on the other side.  I haven't figured it out.  I hope this magic is in the genes and I can soon warp myself other places.

We went for a long car ride and some man (I think Auntie Wendy called him a chiropractor) put Savannah through some horrible indignities.  We all know she's the Queen and Queen's should not have to have their back ends raised in the air and twisted in such a manner.  Poor Savvy.  She was very put out.

I'm so depressed.  I got the slipper with the fun chewy thing in it, and I didn't even get a chance to get the chewy thing out before Auntie Wendy growled at me.  Well what's a girl to do?

Last night when we went to bed Teya put herself on top of Auntie Wendy in MY spot and said 'this is MY mum and YOU can't have her'.  Well fine but she's MY Auntie Wendy and I soon sorted Teya out.  I just lied really close to her, then shifted a bit, then put my weight on her.  Teya soon got tired of that and moved away, then I had MY spot back.

This morning Uncle Nick took Chelsea and Savvy for a walk together.  You should have HEARD Teya screaming.  How immature - and she's supposed to be older than me?  I just went back to bed and slept until he came back for us.  I was sure he would, so what did it matter?  Then he took Teya and me out for our walk too.  It was wonderful to smell all the new smells and see new things.  And nice to share the walk with my sister.

Later Auntie Wendy took us for a car ride and I didn't throw up - not even a little bit.  And it was only an hour after breakfast (she keeps forgetting I throw up if I eat breakfast).  But this time I managed to keep it down.  Last time she thought I didn't, but actually I did and Chelsea had cleaned it up (YUM).  But this time I just lied down on all the extra soft fluffy blankets and enjoyed the ride curled up with my extended family.

This afternoon we sunned ourselves out in the back garden and baked.  Auntie W said to enjoy it because the sun was going away tomorrow.  So I did.

Well that's all for now.

Love Brenny

Day 1-2 Addendum

I learned the secret.  Teya wasn't warping.  She was just going through the bush.  How boring.  But it was SO much fun surprising her when she thought I was still waiting on the other side.  She stopped to look for me and I ran into her!


Dear Diary Day 2-3

Well Auntie Wendy says I've been such a good whippet.  I only tried once to get something off the table with the TV on it, and when she said no I stopped and I've not tried again.  I'm learning that when Auntie Wendy says NO she means it.  And if I keep trying that rattly can gets shaken, and if I still keep trying it lands about a foot away from me.  I don't really like that so I've decided to stop telling her I've never heard 'no' and let her win this round.

Actually since I did that it's been nicer round here anyway.  I love lounging with my buddies and there's so much to investigate out in the back garden that really I don't need to make mischief anyway (though it was fun while it lasted).  She keeps telling the girls they're going to see 'granma and gradad' tonight.  They perk up at this, but they haven't explained to me what that means.  I suspect it means I won't be able to write my diary tomorrow.  I hope my little brain can hold it all in until I can write it on Sunday.

Oh and I decided that perhaps I didn't have to sleep ON TOP of Auntie Wendy after all.  There was so much room to spread out in the middle of the bed in between 2 other whippets and I felt all safe and secure still - why didn't I realised that before....

Love Brenny

Dear Diary Day 3-5

I was not near a computer so I couldn't catch up.  I tried to keep it all in my brain, but being a whippet - well things fly out of my head so quickly.

We went on a very long car ride on Friday night.  The three Chelynnah girls were very excited when they realised where we were so I figured it must be something good.  There was a lady and a man that they called Granma and Grandad.  They were very nice to me and I liked them very much.

Friday night I slept with Uncle Nick on the floor while the Chelynnah's were on the bed with Auntie Wendy.  I usually don't sleep with Uncle Nick, but he was very comfy.  I might do that more often.

In the morning Uncle Nick and Auntie Wendy took Savvy and Teya away for the day and left Chelsea and me with the Granma and Grandad.  I had a good day.  I didn't get my nose into too much stuff.  When Chelsea wouldn't play with me Grandad did.  He took us out back to lie in the sun.  It was a good day.  I knew it was OK because Chelsea was there and was happy to be there.

The rest came back later that day and shared their dinner with us, then we headed back home (well to the Chelynnah's home).  Had a short sleep then up again.  We all went to a show, but I wasn't very happy to be in there, so Chelsea and I went back in the car and curled up and went to sleep for the afternoon.  It was very cool out and a bit rainy, so the servants left the vents open, and opened the boot just a tiny bit so we had fresh air, but didn't get too cold or too hot.  It was nice to just sleep after all the travel.  Occasionally Chelsea would bark because she would see someone she wanted to play with.

Now we are home and sleeping again.  It's been a very long weekend.  I know it doesn't sound like it, but travelling wears a poor girl out.

Love Brenny

Dear Diary (oh I can’t remember numbers anymore – Monday and Tuesday)

My little whippet brain has lost track of how many days.  I'm trying hard to fit in and have been good for the most part.  The Chelynnah's all crashed out yesterday after their show weekend, and boy were they BORING.  I let them know quite loudly what spoilsports they were and tried to get them to play with me by barking and play-bowing and stealing things I shouldn't (but that just annoyed Auntie Wendy, and didn't get them to play at all).

So I finally gave in and chilled out myself.

Teya is such a spoilsport.  She keeps telling me 'I'm the Baby - not you' and snarling nasty words at me.  She won't play no matter how much I chew on her ears and body slam her into the ground and sofa.  I can't imagine WHY she doesn't want to play.

I've learned a new word.  I've learned that when Auntie Wendy and Uncle Nick say 'go potty' it means the same as when Mummy tells me to go Wee.  I've been very good and they praise me every time 'Good Brenny go Potty'.

I'll check in later.

Love Brenny

Dear Diary Wednesday

Well Teya really is being a bit of a cow.  She won't play with me, and she won't let anyone else play with me.  Really it's just so totally unfair.  Auntie Wendy was playing with me and Teya came shooting off the bench and shoved herself in Auntie Wendy's face and said 'MY MUM!!!!  YOU CAN'T HAVE HER'.

But she won't play with me today either.  She WILL curl up with me though and let me suck on her ears, but then Auntie Wendy shouts at me.  So what's a girl to do?

There are lots of toys and I run round the garden chasing myself with them.  And Chelsea will sometimes play and even Savannah .  But Teya's being a cow.  And Auntie Wendy brought out some really strange floaty things today.  I think she called them bubbles.  Teya thought they were great and spent AGES chasing them.  I'd rather just chase Teya

Luv Brenny

Dear Diary Thursday

Teya stopped being a cow for a while and we got to play chase, and I got to play the 'warp through the tree' game.  I still pause a little and check first before going through, just in case, while Teya just whizzes through it.  I made Auntie Wendy's heart jump when I cleared a bush and two beds jumping after Teya!

I forgot to tell you the fun new game I've learned.  The Chelynnah's have taught me how to eat grass.  The really nice long lovely grass.  They don't throw it back up though.  *I* do!!  It was really fun when we went travelling to the Grandparents, and they hadn't fed me so I couldn't throw up, but I showed them I did.  Right in the middle of heavy traffic I hurled a MASS of yellow stuff and grass!  That'll show them not to feed me!

Auntie Wendy won't leave me in the house when she goes out, I'm not sure why.  She takes me everywhere with her (and usually everyone else comes too).  Sometimes it would be nice if she'd leave me at home.  I'd feel much more comfortable scavenging through everything and seeing what fun things there are to chew without her around.  Oh well....

Hope mummy is coming home soon.  I'm having a good holiday with the Chelynnah's but I'm kind of missing her.

Love Brenny

Dear Diary Friday-Saturday

I really want my mum to come home now.  Auntie Wendy said she'd be home yesterday but she lied!

Thursday night Auntie Wendy got out the evil grey box!  Stupid Chelynnah's just sat there.  They didn't even TRY to escape.  They just laid there and LET HER trim and grind and do all sorts of evil things to their toes.  I escaped upstairs for most of it.  In between I'd come down and check, but as soon as I knew she was still at it I'd go back upstairs.  I wasn't letting them take me so easily....  Uncle Nick had to come and find me.  But I DID try to be good.  Auntie Wendy did NOT have to do the leg lock on me.  I fell asleep for my back toes.  It's actually kinda nice, but don't tell her that.  Still didn't like my front toes much so they had to hold me a bit tighter, but still didn't need the leg lock so I was very proud of myself.

Friday we went to a show.  I was actually IN this one.  I tried to be good but it was SO hot.  Auntie Wendy pushed us all into the show in a cage with wheels.  I'm not too sure what I thought about that.  The Chelynnah's didn't like it one bit, so I decided I'm not supposed to like it either.  It was VERY hot, and I didn't like to stand very well.  The table was slippy and hot, and they didn't pay any attention to Auntie Wendy when she made a very helpful suggestion on how to make it cool.  So what's a girl to do?

I had to share the car crate with another whippet called Diva.  I sure put her in her place when she stepped on me.  I've never heard Auntie Wendy yell so loud.  I was only right telling her off for stepping on me.  Then Savannah stepped on me and I had to tell her too (though I didn't realise it was Savannah when I told her - I thought it was the OTHER one again), and Wendy shouted again.  That was no fun.  We all got along nicely on the ride home though since we were all so tired.  Diva got the 'ticket' whatever that means so her mum was very proud of her, and I figured that meant she must have done something good, so I figured I should be nice.

Yesterday we didn't do much.  It was a lazy day, and VERY hot, so we took turns lying around indoors and outdoors.  Uncle Nick didn't take us for a walk, but that's ok, it was too hot to think about walking.

Auntie Wendy said mummy was coming home, but then it got later and later.  I texted her to find out when she was coming...  Auntie Wendy said her plane got stuck.  I can't figure out how a plane can get stuck and not fall from the sky, but she understands these things better than me.

My mummy is home NOW and I'm going home very soon.  I loved visiting the Chelynnah's, but I would like to go home now and cuddle with my mum.  Maybe she'll even let me under the duvet.....

Luv Brenny

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