Musings Part 5 – Day 63-66: Countdown & The Beginning

Day 63 – Countdown

Waiting, waiting and more waiting. Teya is NOT coming early after all as I feared last week at this point. Instead she is going to bake those buns in her oven until they are well and truly cooked. And she is thoroughly enjoying watching me slowly lose my mind, and even adds a few tricks to help it along its way faster.

I am now sleeping in the whelping room with her. There’s a comfy futon bed in there, and she and I share it. At 7am one morning (just after Nick leaves for work) she comes rushing out from under the covers panting and huffing and I sit up and get my ‘whelping head’ on quickly and I just Know This Is IT! At which point she settles down on top of the covers, looks at me with a gleam in her eye and says ‘PSYCH!’ Little brat dog was just too hot.

She is sleeping all day, she is serene, she is happy, she is baking those buns, and she is NOT having them any time soon. Yesterday I think she is showing signs. She is whinging a lot. She is humming and moaning. I am totally prepared. I believe she is showing signs of pre-labour and her breeder who hears her through the phone is the same. This is definitely it. She is having them tonight, and when Nick gets home he and I busily get the whelping room completely ready with all supplies at hand, and wait and watch. Her temperature (which had dropped earlier in the week then gone back up) is still high, so we are looking for that tell-tale second drop, which isn’t coming. The whinging stops, the moaning stops, she settles in on the bed in our bedroom and watches TV with us, and by midnight we take the ‘dust sheets’ off the futon bed and she and I go to bed. I wake every hour or so to check on her. Every time she moves, I am right there. But she is not having those babies. She is waiting.

This morning she looks smug. She loves that she has me completely wound up. I have been told by breeders in this country that most whippets don’t go over, so we are ready today. But today is 63 days from the first mating. It ‘is’ possible that Monday is her due date (63 days from the second mating). She is steadily dropping, they are ‘moving to the back of the bus’. My breeder friends on the Whippet Board have a look and the consensus from them, seeing where her belly is, is that she’ll come Tuesday. I want to believe them, but I also still hear in my head that ‘whippets don’t generally go over – and are often a few days early’ and it’s all too much. I don’t care what whippets generally do, I just want the waiting over with and to have my Teya-lets NOW! I just want it over with. And by this evening Teya is finally starting to look really uncomfortable, and maybe not quite so smug as she waddles her fat body out to pee for the zillionth time. And we have everything as ready as we can be, and everyone is ‘on call’, and we hope against hope that it will be tonight.

Day 65

Teya is as tired of this game as I am now. And is certainly NOT impressed that she had to visit the evil Vet! But as she is now 2 days over her first due date I just have to be sure everything is ok. The vet does a very thorough exam, and says everything feels fine, heartbeats are fine, and she’s nice and loose in the muscles in the right places, but the babies aren’t quite in the right place yet, so perhaps she ovulated slightly later on this season than she has the last two and actually conceived a day or so after the second mating. He says to come back in 2 days if nothing has happened. He understands my concern and is very supportive, and very thorough. The Whippet Board people hold my hand and tell me it will be Tuesday.

Day 66 – The Beginning

Teya has a few bouts of whinging through the night. She is very unsettled all day. I am in constant contact with Tracy who so desperately wants to be here for the birth, but cannot get away from work early. ‘Hold on, Teya’ she says. Nick is off work in the afternoon, and again we get the room ready. We think this is finally and definitely IT. And the Whippet Board breeders were right. It is Tuesday! And we are slowly, but cautiously getting excited. Tracy calls for updates and lets us know finally that she is on her way. Things are starting to look more and more positive, and we are excited. Tracy finally arrives around 9pm. She has just enough time to sit and catch her breath, and Teya goes pee yet again, and we see she is now straining. It won’t be long, now. Teya tries to settle with Daddy on the sofa, and we shift her to get a blanket underneath her. She objects to such abuse, and heads off up the stairs. She gets halfway up and stops dead. She cannot move. Her eyes beg me to come and get her because she cannot fathom what is happening to her body, and I go to her, and turn around and say, ‘I think this is it’ and I carry her to her whelping bed, and the atmosphere is exciting, and we get ourselves set up in positions that will best help her, and we allot duties (though these are apt to change depending on what’s needed).

Chelsea looks through the gate very concerned. She can sense that Teya is distressed, but we are all calm and relaxed and this confuses her. Whippets are generally easy whelpers. I am not concerned. I am prepared for anything that might go wrong, but am not actually worried that anything will go wrong. We have an excellent support system in place both in the room, and at the end of the phone. Chelsea finally takes our cue and relaxes and takes herself off to the bedroom and hard labour starts. In a small break I text people to say the first puppy is on its way, and Tracy rings Teya’s breeder to let her know. All is good and exciting to us at the moment (though Teya probably hates us for putting her in a position to feel this kind of agony) and we are in blissful ignorance of what the rest of the night holds in store.

To be continued...

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© Wendy Jones, 31st October 2007

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