Musings Part 4 – Day 59: Waiting…

Hmm, maybe I’ve been counting wrong. Today is day 60 if I counted the day of breeding as Day 1 (which I was), but the charts say Saturday is day 63, and that’s when she’s due – and since today is only Tuesday turns out I've been off a day, and have had to go back and re-date my musings and all the photos. However it works, at the moment all is quiet on the Teya-let front and I’m quite happy with that. Inside I’m freaking out that it’s going to happen any day now. I know when it happens I’ll be ok, but it’s the waiting now, and the worrying going on inside my head that’s doing me in. I’ve read all the books a zillion times, I’ve spoken to any number of breeders and mentors and I have a great support system, but I’m still freaking out, and this is Teya after all – which means she’ll do it at the least opportune time, but at the moment all is quiet.

She has gained a ton, and is just now starting to look a little bit like a beached whale. The *stare* is no longer, but the resigned sigh as she tries to find a more comfortable position makes me feel even more guilty than the stare did. She weighs almost 10lbs more than she did when she started, and is an inch bigger in her stomach than the deepest part of her ribs was! She is very full and very round and very uncomfortable. But she is quiet – and that is good!

We are watching ‘Puppy TV’ already! We joke about what time wasters the puppies will be once they arrive – but no one warned us about the time we can waste watching them move in her belly. I am thoroughly fascinated by every little movement. A couple of days ago I’m sure I watched a whole kickboxing match between two of the little darlings.

A week or so ago she gave me the most withering look and informed me that she planned to have 20 puppies so that *I* would have to care for over half of them, and it would pay me back for all I’m putting her through. However today she informs me that she’s not having ANY puppies. She says her size is due to the large amount of wind she has been storing up – the tests were right and she’s NOT pregnant, and ‘Puppy TV’ is really me just watching the gas roiling in her gut. She says she’s saving it up as long as she can just to watch my face when she lets it go as a great big GIANT fart. I tell her that’s not very lady-like and ‘the stare’ returns.

Last night her temperature dropped, so that generally means any time in the next 48 hours she should be due. But she’s not showing any other signs. She’s quite happy to sleep in her snuggle sack, and curl up in bed, and eat her lunch (though a bit more daintily). So I’m waiting….. And it’s the waiting that’s killing us both.

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© Wendy Jones, 17th October 2007

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