Musings Part 1 – Day 37

So here we are at 5 weeks now.  I feel like I've been through the mill.  First my sciatica goes right at the time we're supposed to breed Teya, and we have to make the decision to go ahead or not.  We do, and it goes well (PHEW).  Now for the waiting period.  The books (and Karen Lee's excellent article which I have handy right by the computer) all say you'll see nothing really for weeks except small changes, and perhaps some mood changes.  We decided we would NOT scan her.  The vets is too stressful, so what's the point of stressing her and risking losing them for the sake of an extra week.

So the first 4 weeks was 'is she / isn't she / is she / isn't she'.  A major roller coaster, sometimes minute by minute.  There were changes in her personality, and everyone kept asking if her nipples were getting bigger.  Well they weren't HUGE, and it was only the bottom two sets, but they were staying nubbier than normal.  Like when she's in season, but normally by then they'd have gone back down.

Have they turned pink?  Well no - not really.....

Why don't you try a human pregnancy test.  You know they CAN work on dogs - a positive is always positive, though a negative can be false.  Supposedly they can work from 2 weeks on so at three weeks we thought we'd try it.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Negative.  I wanted to cry.  Bought 6 more tests.  Tried two more over 2 days.  Negative.  Bury me right now because I want to DIE that I've put myself through all this and she isn't pregnant....  Don't be silly, you KNOW that negatives can be false, and she's showing 'some' positive signs.

There's swelling to her tummy.  Just slight - no one else but those of us who know her well would see it, and comparing her to Savannah there's a definite swell......  But she isn't and I'm going to be soo depressed even though I promised myself that it wouldn't matter.  We would do it again next time and the world isn't turning on breeding her, after all I was NEVER going to breed anyway....

Ooh - there's some more positive signs, she's being clingy - she's always a mummy's girl and clingy when we're out, but not at home.  Ooh and she's being particularly bitchy to Chelsea.  She can be bitchy to Chelsea but really it's subtle extremes....

Nah - she's not and I'm going to be so depressed.  I cry on the phone to my friends Juley and Tracy.  It's now 4 weeks and the damned test says Negative twice more even though she's getting bigger to my eyes, and to Nick's eyes.

I did a very gentle palpation between day 25 and 30 where the books say in a slim fit bitch you might just be able to feel little bumps like strings of pearls, or marbles - and yes I can feel them.  On Savannah there's smooth muscle.  On Teya there's little tiny bumps.  But she's not pregnant so it must be my imagination.  Or she's just decided to MAKE bumps in her belly just to get my hopes up.

Teya has 5 sets of nipples including those little ones under the arms that you barely know are there.  By 4 weeks (even though I know she's not pregnant and I'm crying my eyes out and I'm sooo depressed even though I promised myself I wouldn't be), the bottom two sets are now TURNING PINK, the next two sets are now REALLY nubby, and those little tiny flat ones are starting to stand up on their own.

Maybe she IS?  Is it just possible.  She's kinda glowing.  She's giving me dirty looks like 'YOU did this to me - all I wanted was to have a boy, and look what YOU'VE done to me because of it...'  Nah, she's not because it would be just like her to mess me about for weeks and make me think she is when she's not (even though she actually came into season right when we asked her, and she's normally not that accommodating).

So we get to almost 5 weeks (34 days).  Tracy comes round and has a feel.  She was a vet nurse at one point and she is SURE Teya is, and probably has a few in there.  I'm hopeful.  I've just decided the day before I'm going to be positive and believe that she is.  The signs are more and more positive, but I don't want to tempt the whippet gods (who would just LOVE to see me fall flat on my face).  A few minutes after Tracy says she is (or else is giving the best performance of her life - of which I believe she could be doing the latter) she plops a glop of mucous in my hand (Teya, not Tracy) and I jump up with glee and show Tracy - look she slimed me!!!  And I'm all excited, because all the books proclaim that 'from around day 35 in a pregnant bitch THERE SHALL BE MUCOUS!'  (So maybe Teya IS one of those bitches that reads the books?)  And I am happy and all is right with the world and with Teya, and she's such a good girl, and she's going to give me all the right number of puppies for the homes I've booked, and angels are singing and I'm rejoicing.  And surprisingly Tracy DOESN'T think I'm stark raving mad.....

Which brings us to day 36, Saturday, 5 weeks from the day of the first mating and our weekly photo session.  No previous session has really shown anything, but this photo session shows that her 'tuckup' really has much less 'tuck' and certainly not quite so much 'up'.  She has a deep chest with a very steep up into the tuck normally, but it's now a gentle slope.....  ALL nipples (including the invisible one) are standing and pink!

And MAYBE, just MAYBE, all will be right with the world and with Teya, and just MAYBE I can believe for a few minutes that she really IS pregnant....

Here's the pics (to which all of you are going to say - that's not really showing much), but I don't care.  For today (and probably only today) - day 38 - I BELIEVE she IS...  And hopefully later in the week she will drop and I can share some proper 'belly' photos.

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